Senior Center questions, email or call 510-724-9800.

Tiny Tots questions, email or call 510-724-8965.

Youth Center questions, email or call 510-724-9004.


Youth Programs and Activities

  1. Please create an account for you and your child(ren) before registering for any programs and activities.
  2. Registration for all summer camps and sports camps will close 2 weeks before it begins. If the minimum number of participants to run these programs are not met at that time, then it will be cancelled. If this occurs, the coordinator will notify all participants via email and offer a refund.
  3. Refunds only allowed if we cancel the programs or activities. To request a refund for medical reasons, please provide a doctor’s note to the coordinator via email, before the registration the first day of the program.
  4. There is a fee to transfer to another programs or activities and request to transfer must be sent via email to the coordinator. Coordinator will only approve transfer if there is space is available in the other program, if request for transfer was submitted before the registration deadline, and transfer payment has been paid.
  5. For resident fee, please provide a copy of your driver’s license to upload to the online form.
  6. Some programs and activities have a materials fee. This fee is due to the instructor on the first day of class.
  7. To view the info, fees, and schedule for each program or activities, click on the name of the program or activities.

SUMMER OPEN REGISTRATION begins at 6 a.m. on May 1, 2024.

FALL OPEN REGISTRATION begins at 6 a.m. on June 26, 2024.

Please complete the registration steps below to ensure enrollment.
To view the info, fees, and schedule for each program, please click on the name of the program.

  1. Create an account. Create a family account including yourself (adult) and your child. An adult must be added to the family account to make a payment. If you already have an account, you can simply log in.
  2. Enroll your child in the TINY TOTS MEMBERSHIPby adding it to your cart. Your child must be enrolled in the TINY TOTS MEMBERSHIP that corresponds with the session for which you are registering. For example, the Tiny Tots FALL 2024 Membership corresponds with the Tiny Tots FALL 2024 classes. Registration cannot be completed without the membership purchase.
  3. Add the preferred class or activity to your cart by clicking on PROGRAMS, PINOLE TINY TOTS, and choose the class for which you would like to register. Click Register and check out.
  4. Fill out the required online forms. Please be prepared to provide a copy of your driver’s license/ID and your child’s birth certificate during the first week of classes. If you are currently enrolled, you will not need to complete this step.
  5. Pay for your classes online. You may also choose to only pay the membership fee at this time. Payments will then be due monthly (or per schedule for summer session).

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